Keyboards &

backing vocals

Ben is a classically trained pianist & he started playing in bands at 13 years old. Through his teens & early 20's he got involved with various rock & function bands before turning pro at 26, gigging all over the U.K. & Europe with tribute bands such as a Meatloaf & Cher tribute called Hellringers & a number of Abba tributes including Abba Dream. He also had short stints with with a Deep Purple tribute & 70's soul/disco outfit Lady Marmalade.

Obviously a Bon Jovi fan, Ben has also been influenced by Whitesnake, Van Halen, Thunder, Journey, Evanescence, Red & Linkin Park. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Chopin are among his classical favourites & he also admires vocalists with 'great pipes'.

Playing the part of David Bryan takes an incredibly talented musician & that's what Ben is........He's also a really nice guy.