Keyboards &

backing vocals

In 1989 Pete spent 6 months in a coma with only a Sony Walkman & a copy of New Jersey for company. Upon awakening, doctors noticed his fingers continually twitching, but it wasn't until he sat at the piano in his Gran's bungalow that a true miracle was revealed.

Somehow Pete had been blessed by the power of rock & was now able to play all of the keyboard parts from the first 4 Bon Jovi albums!! He subsequently dedicated his life to the worship of his new hero & saviour, David Bryan (until the restraining order was finally enforced in 2001).

Rejection lead to resentment & Pete's musical tastes broadened massively as a result. He now enjoys all genres of music, from Aerosmith through to Whitesnake. But despite all that, Pete still says "Bad medecine is the only medicine" .